Starting in the south of France

So here I am in the South of France and my teenage son is explaining to me about blogs. His friends at University have them and a number of people have asked me if I “blog”. So now I do.

Whilst here, enjoying the sunshine, I have also been reading a book by Thomas Jones called “Deadly Professors” that was recommended to me by Amazon. It was suggested that this would provide materials that might be used within academic development programmes. Not convinced about that, but those of you who like the crime fiction genre might enjoy it more than me.

There was one section, however, that does seem to ring true (p.11):

he’d lost touch with students’ tastes in music and their reference points in popular culture. Connections he’d used so effectively in years past seemed broken. He and his students didn’t talk the same language, not to mention the huge gap between their computer and communications technology know-how and his rudimentary skills.

The Roman arena at Nimes

Well that certainly resonates with me, and I wouldn’t be blogging here it it weren’t for my son’s technology know-how that is far superior to my own. Now, I just have to pass on this know-how to my wife and explain that she is supposed to read the blog online and not over my shoulder whilst I am typing it.


Now let’s hope I can work out (i.e. ask my son) how to publish this.


2 thoughts on “Starting in the south of France

  1. Anesa

    I thought I’ll let you feel the excitement of receiving your first comment! Is “deadly professors” anything about killing people (maybe even students??).



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