CMC São Paulo BRAZIL 2014

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the 6th Concept Mapping Conference in Sao Paulo, and especially to Paulo Correia and his team for being such great hosts. It was also great to see Joe Novak presenting – even if only via Skype. No doubt everyone who was there has now been reinvigorated with the discussions and presentations at the conference and will now be making more concept maps and encouraging more concept mappers to get involved. It is always great to be involved with a group of enthusiasts who feel that they have a positive contribution to make. We must now work hard to maintain that energy and enthusiasm now we have returned home. For those of you who have not yet found out about the potential of concept maps, you now have two years to develop your mapping skills and investigate the uses of concept mapping in your teaching and research – in time for the 7th Concept Mapping Conference to be held in Talinn in 2016. See you there, but in the mean time perhaps you would like to participate in the discussion in my earlier post, “What’s next for concept mapping?”. Alternatively, look at the resources available on the IHMC web pages, including the proceedings of all the previous CMC conferences at: The picture at the top of the post is of some street art in Sao Paulo, just because I thought it was cool!


One thought on “CMC São Paulo BRAZIL 2014

  1. prmc

    We had memorable moments in Santos & Sao Paulo from Sep 22 to Sep 25, 2014. CMC2014 was an exciting conference and many Brazilian researchers could interact with the international Cmapper community. University of Sao Paulo also organized a workshop on Sep 26 to offer a meeting with experts on concept mapping. “Concept maps and knowledge management in teaching and research” was the main topic of the workshop promoted by the Research Center New Pedagogical Architectures (NP-NAP, visit:
    The talks were recorded and they are available to any people interested on the following topics:

    How concept maps can be useful in higher education?
    – Prof Dr Joseph Novak (Institute for Human and Machine Cognition)
    – Prof Dr Ian Kinchin (University of Surrey)
    – Profa Dra Marcia Linn (University of California – Berkeley)
    – Questions & Answers moderated by Prof Dr Ulisses Araújo (University of Sao Paulo)

    How concept maps can be useful in multi/interdisciplinary research?
    – Opening speech by Profs Drs Paulo Correia (University of Sao Paulo) & José Eduardo Krieger (USP Research Provost)
    – Prof Dr Alberto Cañas (Institute for Human and Machine Cognition)
    – Prof Dr Louis Fourie (Cape Peninsula University of Technology)
    – Dra Natalia Derbentseva (Defence Research and Development Canada)
    – Prof Dr Robert Hoffman (Institute for Human and Machine Cognition)
    – Questions & Answers moderated by Prof Dr Paulo Correia (University of Sao Paulo)

    I believe these talks are valuable starting points to discussions about how to use concept maps effectively in teaching and research. I hope you enjoy these videos as much as I.



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