Boring them with PowerPoint


I know I bang on about it, but ……….

Think before you click! Do you really need PowerPoint? Do you really need so many slides?  Are the slides attractive and ‘visually literate’, or do they just present a wall of bullet points?

If you plan to present bullet points, what will you be doing as a teacher?   Reading them out?

In a new paper by Sharp et al (2016), the authors draw the conclusion that:

Lectures involving a perceived excess and inappropriate use of PowerPoint, along with other contributory factors, attracted particular criticism.”

The overuse of PowerPoint almost seems to have had a disabling effect on teachers who have become dependent upon the slides. Just imagine what you might do in a lesson if there was no PowerPoint. Imagine that the purpose of the face-time with your students wasn’t to deliver content.  What might you do in your allotted time that might be interesting and instructionally valuable?

I will try not to revisit PowerPoint as a topic now for a while – until I am next wounded by bullet points!


Sharp, J.G., Hemmings, B., Kay, R., Murphy, B. & Elliott, S. (2016) Academic boredom among students in higher education: A mixed-methods exploration of characteristics, contributors and consequences. Journal of Further and Higher Education,





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