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优秀的概念图 Excellent Concept Maps

In preparation for the 1st Asia Pacific Concept Mapping Conference –

Excellent concept maps 优秀的概念图

PDF Version: Excellent concept maps 优秀的概念图

With acknowledgements to colleagues, Wei Liu  and Jinshan Wu.


NASA IHMC and concept maps

As a showcase for excellent concept maps and their application, NASA and IHMC have released the “Asteroid Redirect Mission” (ARM) iPad App, and it is available for free download at the iTunes Store.


This App consists of a large Concept Map-based Knowledge Model in which dozens of concept maps are used to organize and navigate through hundreds of videos, images and Web links about NASA’s Asteroid Redirect Mission to retrieve a boulder from an asteroid and place it in Moon orbit for astronauts to explore. Each of the concept maps represents the knowledge of experts on the particular topic.

Even if you are not interested in Space Exploration, ARM is a great example of how concept maps can be used to explain a complex topic and organize large volumes of information. It is also a good example to show students what can be achieved through the construction of knowledge models. All concept maps in this App were constructed using the IHMC CmapTools software.

It is also available via the IHMC web page: http://cmap.ihmc.us/armapp/


Cañas, A.J., Carff, R., and Marcon, M. (2012) Knowledge Model Viewers for the iPad and the Web. In: Concept Maps: Theory, Methodology, Technology – Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Concept Mapping, University of Malta, Valletta, Malta (Sept. 17th-20th). (http://cmc.ihmc.us/cmc2012papers/cmc2012-p193.pdf)