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The salutogenic university and the ‘becoming-caring-teacher’.

The triple point: where pedagogic health, a sense of coherence, and care coexist without borders or barriers.

Further details available at:

Kinchin, I.M., Derham, C., Foreman, C., McNamara, A. & Querstret, D. (2021) Exploring the salutogenic university: Searching for the triple point for the becoming-caring-teacher through collaborative cartography. Pedagogika, 141(1), 94-112.

Available online at: ISSN2029-0551_2021_V_141_1.PG_94-112.pdf (vdu.lt)

A salutogenic gaze on pedagogic frailty

By adopting a salutogenic gaze on pedagogic frailty we can reframe the problem in terms of ‘pedagogic health’:

Salutogenesis concept map

Further reading:

Kinchin, I.M. (2019) The salutogenic management of pedagogic frailty: A case of educational theory development using concept mapping. Education Sciences,9(2), 157.  https://doi.org/10.3390/educsci9020157